Be Grateful When You’re Sad

I heard someone say the other day that it was impossible to be grateful when you are sad. Personally, I do not believe this to be true. I have had a very personal heartbreaking situation, making me beyond sad but I’m still grateful. The source of my sadness and pain is private but I wantedContinue reading “Be Grateful When You’re Sad”

If Ever I Saw

If ever I saw,really saw,what the world did to you,what you did to you,I would weep,bleed on the inside,until I was depleteddrained, lying on the floor. For you,you are a piece of meas intertwined as my breath;grown from within,sewn together with invisible thread,held,cradled,cared for,loved. If ever you knew what the world did to me,what wouldContinue reading “If Ever I Saw”

In My Solitude

In My Solitude – a poem by Leslie C. Dobson

How We See The World Shapes Us

How we see the worlds shapes us. It shapes the way …

Be Open to the Blessings From Others

Life is hard, we need all the blessings we can get so when …

Be Thankful

Be thankful my children. I know in these dark …

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