I Am Calling You

Listen, children can you hear me? I am calling you. Come to me, oh, my children. I am calling out to you, heed my call. You are my sheep and I am calling you to safety. Hear my call. Come away from the hills of despair and sorrow. Come to my light. I am shiningContinue reading “I Am Calling You”

Do Not Walk With The Wicked

Do not walk with the wicked my children, it will turn you away from my light and toward the darkness. When you use my light children you can see the path in front of you. It is when you turn away that the road becomes dark, and you will find yourself stumbling. You will notContinue reading “Do Not Walk With The Wicked”

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone my children, I am …

Bring Me With You

Bring me with you my children, in all that you do and …

In This Place

In This Place – A poem by Leslie C Dobson

You Know How to Find Me

You know how to find me children, I am …

You Are Important

You are important to me my children. I love you more than you …

We All Need to Rest

Everyone gets tired and needs to rest. We need to …

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