The Quality Of Your Thinking

Of all the things you can do, the quality of your thinking has the most significant consequences. The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your choices and decisions. Your choices and decisions determine the actions you take, and the actions you take determine the quality and quantity of your results. In life andContinue reading “The Quality Of Your Thinking”

Judge Not

In the last few years, I’ve reconnected with people who I considered special in my life. They are people who, at some point or other, brought joy. I was not judged for my appearance but rather for who I was. As children, that is what we do. We accept one another openly and freely andContinue reading “Judge Not”

A Chance For New Beginnings

Every day offers a chance for new beginnings and holds beauty if you look for it. My friend took this picture. I am a night owl, so I am rarely awake to enjoy a sunrise. My views of our lake offer amazing sunsets as if they know my secret. I have seen some spectacular sunsetsContinue reading “A Chance For New Beginnings”