Let Your Light Shine Away

A poem about faith, love and Spirit. Let your line shine away.

I Am Here

You are not forgotten children, I am here …

Love Letters In The Sand

Poem about love, for those who have it and those who are hopeful.

Come Away

A poem, a journey about love, loss and how our love continues on.

You Know How to Find Me

You know how to find me children, I am …

Don’t Let Doubt or Negativity Seep In

Don’t let doubt or negativity seep into your life. Stay …

What Is Broken Can Be Mended

What is broken can be mended, this is …

History Does Not Determine Your Destiny

Your past does not define you. See it as a stepping stone into your future …

Faith, Hope and Love

Three guiding principles instilled in …

Say No to Hate and Yes to Love

Choose love not hate, peace not violence. #Iamin

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