Do What It Takes

We are all responsible for ourselves and must do what it takes to ensure our happiness. Don’t sit back and wait for someone to do everything for you. You are the one who must put in the work and effort if you are to be happy and find peace. It is easy to blame otherContinue reading “Do What It Takes”

Live Life With Passion

You only have one go-round in this world, so choose to live life with passion. Life doesn’t have to be humdrum, it can be wonderful and exciting. Part of it is how you view your world and the other part is the effort you put into it. Let’s look a bit closer at these two:Continue reading “Live Life With Passion”

Never Stop Trying

It is only when we quit trying that we lose. Keep the faith and never give up, never stop trying. Don’t let lifes’ little setbacks stop you from trying. No one said things would be easy or even that they would flow smoothly. In fact, sometimes it is in the challenges where you uncover theContinue reading “Never Stop Trying”

Never Give Up Hope

Nothing is ever hopeless. As long as you …

Get Off the Sidelines And Onto The Field

Don’t let life pass you by while you sit and …

Living Life In The Present

The only place you can live life, is …

Sometimes You Need to Dig Deep

Sometimes you need to dig deep when things … read on

How We See The World Shapes Us

How we see the worlds shapes us. It shapes the way …

When it Comes to Life, Be a Thermostat

When it comes to how you live within the world are …

Stop Overthinking, It Isn’t Helping You

How many time’s have you replayed a conversation or …

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