Forgiveness and Confession

Cleanse your soul and renew your faith was a post with a simple message. A message telling us to prepare for the coming of the Lord. Confession and forgiveness are two important elements in this process. Let’s start with forgiveness. Many people get so caught up in the emotion of anger towards another, they can’tContinue reading “Forgiveness and Confession”

Rekindle The Fire Within

If life is not going well, perhaps it is time to rekindle the fire within and live your authentic life. Life is a roller coaster of challenges. Nobody is happy all the time. Everyone struggles in life. Look at the saints. Many of their lives were fraught with struggle, but they had purpose. How weContinue reading “Rekindle The Fire Within”

Walk In Light And Love

For what is the earth but a sphere within spheres? It is of humanity, fallen and risen; those struggling to find their way. Some, lost in darkness, wandering endlessly down putrid infested streets, where humans lay lost in the haze of the shadow. Others walk in an ethereal light, illuminated from within, shining their lightContinue reading “Walk In Light And Love”