In This Place

In This Place – A poem by Leslie C Dobson

Finding Peace is Always Possible

Days can be difficult, nights hard, but gather your …

Let Your Light Shine Away

A poem about faith, love and Spirit. Let your line shine away.

When it Comes to Life, Be a Thermostat

When it comes to how you live within the world are …

I Hear You

I hear you my children and I am here. Do …

History Does Not Determine Your Destiny

Your past does not define you. See it as a stepping stone into your future …

Say No to Hate and Yes to Love

Choose love not hate, peace not violence. #Iamin

You Are Disciples

You are my disciples children. Lead the way for …

I Am Fading

I am fading, fading from …

A Little Dose of Feel Good Reading

If you enjoy the inspirational posts then you’ll enjoy this book. It’s a little dose of ‘feel good’ reading and is now available in Canada, US, Europe and UK. Click on the link to order your copy now. You Were Made to Shine

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