The Gifts That Last

There are many gifts you will receive throughout your life, but the ones you remember are the gifts that last. These are the gifts that last, that keep on giving long after you have left. Perhaps the greatest gift of all is love. Love from a parent, sibling, friend, sweetheart, spouse and occasionally a stranger.Continue reading “The Gifts That Last”

In My Solitude

In My Solitude – a poem by Leslie C. Dobson

The Spirit Within Guides Us All

Every choice you make, every step in life you take, make sure …

Fan The Flames That Feed

There are all kinds of fires out there, good and bad. Make sure …

Everyone has a happy button

Everyone has something that makes them happy, their … continue reading

Housekeeping For Your Heart

We hold onto many things throughout our lives, not …

In This Place

In This Place – A poem by Leslie C Dobson

You Are Disciples

You are my disciples children. Lead the way for …

I Am Fading

I am fading, fading from …

Stuck on Repeat

These days everyone feels like their life is stuck on repeat. We wake up and it …

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