What if is a Question We’ve All Asked

‘What if’ is a question we’ve all asked. The reality is that this is a question everyone asks themselves more than once throughout their lifetime. What if I had handled the conversation differently? Or, what if I just walked away, picked up the phone, or went to visit more often? The lists go on andContinue reading “What if is a Question We’ve All Asked”

We All Get Behind

It doesn’t matter the reason, at some point we all get behind. The key is recognizing it and getting back on track. There are many reasons we get behind, poor planning, over committing, distractions, the list goes on. Sometimes we have a very good reason for getting behind, sometimes we don’t. If running behind isContinue reading “We All Get Behind”

Because I Overcame

Because I Overcame – A poem by Leslie C. Dobson

We All Have Scars

Everybody, at some point in their life has been …

Many Things In Life Are Free

In a time where money is tight, people are turning to …

In My Solitude

In My Solitude – a poem by Leslie C. Dobson

Don’t Change Just To Fit In

Don’t change to fit in, be your authentic self, and …

If Your First Response is One of Anger Stop

So you’ve heard something that makes you upset, frustrated, even …

Don’t Let Doubt or Negativity Seep In

Don’t let doubt or negativity seep into your life. Stay …

A Little Dose of Feel Good Reading

If you enjoy the inspirational posts then you’ll enjoy this book. It’s a little dose of ‘feel good’ reading and is now available in Canada, US, Europe and UK. Click on the link to order your copy now. You Were Made to Shine

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