Be Grateful When You’re Sad

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I heard someone say the other day that it was impossible to be grateful when you are sad. Personally, I do not believe this to be true.

I have had a very personal heartbreaking situation, making me beyond sad but I’m still grateful. The source of my sadness and pain is private but I wanted to point out that even during the deepest part of sadness there can be gratitude.

Gratitude is being thankful for the blessings we have received; the gifts bestowed unto us are plentiful. I am grateful for all the happy memories that I have had and the joy I have experienced for many years.

It is because I loved and was loved, that I can be grateful. I wouldn’t be sad or hurt if I hadn’t experienced that love. So as the tears fall, I remind myself that there were good times, happy memories embedded in my heart for eternity. I choose to focus on these.

For many gratitude can be hard to call to the surface during times of great sorrow. I think this is perhaps the truer of the two statements. Not that we can’t be grateful at the same time but that it can be hard to reach into ourselves and find the gratitude. We can get so lost in our sorrow that we forget to take time to be thankful for the joy we have had.

Faith also plays a big part for me. With faith comes hope; no one is lost to us forever. In the bigger picture time is irrelevant and we will be united again in joy and love.

When you focus only on the sadness and dwell in sorrow every day, that is when you begin to lose yourself. Depression sets in, anger sets in and for many a deep loneliness. When, however, you can remember to be thankful for the joy you had, the pain is lessened.

Joy will come again as will love as long as we don’t lose ourselves to the pain. So, reach in and look to the source of the joy so that you can be grateful when you’re sad.

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