Never Stop Trying

It is only when we quit trying that we lose. Keep the faith and never give up, never stop trying. Don’t let lifes’ little setbacks stop you from trying. No one said things would be easy or even that they would flow smoothly. In fact, sometimes it is in the challenges where you uncover theContinue reading “Never Stop Trying”

Look For Good In Others Not Status

If you truly want meaningful relationships then you must look for the good in others and not at their status. Be impressed by those who show kindness, compassion, honesty and love not by those who are showing the opposite. People who live by the former are happier and a joy to be around while peopleContinue reading “Look For Good In Others Not Status”

The Gifts That Last

There are many gifts you will receive throughout your life, but the ones you remember are the gifts that last. These are the gifts that last, that keep on giving long after you have left. Perhaps the greatest gift of all is love. Love from a parent, sibling, friend, sweetheart, spouse and occasionally a stranger.Continue reading “The Gifts That Last”

The Journey That Is Within

The greatest joy of your life unfolds as you discover, and …

Many Things In Life Are Free

In a time where money is tight, people are turning to …

Never Give Up Hope

Nothing is ever hopeless. As long as you …

The Spirit Within Guides Us All

Every choice you make, every step in life you take, make sure …

Fan The Flames That Feed

There are all kinds of fires out there, good and bad. Make sure …

Everyone has a happy button

Everyone has something that makes them happy, their … continue reading

Housekeeping For Your Heart

We hold onto many things throughout our lives, not …

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