In The Silence

I speak volumes in the silence,leaving words of love unsaid;a look, a smile, a touch,the way I tilt my head. There is sorrow in the silence,a pain unspoken, even still;from a time, so long ago,oh, the pages I could fill. There is a thoughtfulness in the silence,a pondering of sorts;contemplating lifes’ true meaning,a place too,Continue reading “In The Silence”

Make Time For An Internal Cleanse

You clean houses and cars, shower and bathe, so it only goes that you should also make time for an internal cleanse. Just like anything else we need to look within and do some ‘spring cleaning’ if you will. We carry many excess emotions and scars with us, often forgetting to purge them. Instead, hangingContinue reading “Make Time For An Internal Cleanse”

Quiet Your Mind

Quiet your mind and look inside, drawing …

Finding Peace is Always Possible

Days can be difficult, nights hard, but gather your …

When Being Tired is a Good Thing

You know you’ve given it all, when at the end …

Staying In Tune

When we are in tune with ourselves all is right within our world, even …

Finding Serenity

Focusing on a place we consider peaceful and serene is one way to start entering a state of serenity.

Everyone Needs to Recharge

We all need time to recharge. It is important to recalibrate when needed so you stay in tune will your body and spirit; in sync with your universe. Life is hectic and rushed and too often we get so busy that we forget to take that time to reset and recenter ourselves.

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