Do What It Takes

We are all responsible for ourselves and must do what it takes to ensure our happiness. Don’t sit back and wait for someone to do everything for you. You are the one who must put in the work and effort if you are to be happy and find peace. It is easy to blame otherContinue reading “Do What It Takes”

We All Need A Break

If we don’t rest, we will run ourselves ragged and then be forced to stop. No one is immune, we all need to rest and at some point we all need a break. Rest replenishes and restores us, mentally, physically and spiritually. When we don’t rest we begin to make mistakes, little ones at firstContinue reading “We All Need A Break”

Replenish Yourselves

Replenish yourselves my children, do not let your …

When Being Tired is a Good Thing

You know you’ve given it all, when at the end …

Give a Blessing

Bless your guests before they arrive, when they …

Habits, Both Good and Bad

They say it takes 12 weeks to make, break or change a habit. Now is …

Staying In Tune

When we are in tune with ourselves all is right within our world, even …

Staying Active Indoors

For many, being stuck inside can be overwhelming and depressing. One way to keep your mental health up is to stay active, but what does this mean when you are stuck inside? There are many physical activities you can do to burn off excess energy when stuck inside your house. The stairs can be usedContinue reading “Staying Active Indoors”

A Sturdy Vessel Carries One Home

As we age we all become ‘weathered’. Weathered in appearance and at times weathered in thought. No matter how worn our appearance may seem, if we are steadfast in spirit, faith, and love then our vessel is sturdy. It is who we are on the inside that gets us through each day. When people seeContinue reading “A Sturdy Vessel Carries One Home”

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