A Wonderful Gift of Love

She sank her toes deep into the cool sand and slowly rubbed her feet back and forth. Nature’s foot spa, she thought to herself. The amber rays of the morning sun were starting to wash away the dark hues of night. It would be another beautiful summer’s day. Already the first awakenings were occurring. BirdsContinue reading “A Wonderful Gift of Love”

Washed Clean

The lights blinked on, one at a time, casting shadows on the already dark and eerie alley. I walked, shoulders hunched, hands stuffed into pockets of faded jeans, worn well past their prime. A dampness lingered in these streets that never seemed to disappear, always clinging with acrid fumes of sorrow, depression and death. IContinue reading “Washed Clean”

Unfinished Business

The pen rolled silently across the table before falling to the floor. It could have made all the noise in the world, for there was no one there to hear it drop. They would find her in the morning or the next day. Those were her last thoughts. Funny how it wasn’t her life flashing,Continue reading “Unfinished Business”