When She Met Jesus

It was in the most unexpected place when she met Jesus. A time when she was searching for her earthly father in dreams through meditation. Closing her eyes, she pictured the image and fixed it clearly in her mind. The walls pure white, solid to the touch. Her mind had difficulty grasping the reality thatContinue reading “When She Met Jesus”

She Knelt In Silence

She knelt in silence, and sorrow, in a solitary pose. Quietly still, with her head bowed, face solemn, and eyes closed, she prayed the prayer of a hundred years. The ground was not plush, nor was it soft. Beneath her knees stones were sharp, misshapen pebbles, cutting deep, like a knife. Each one a woundContinue reading “She Knelt In Silence”

How I Long

Oh, how I long for those wordsspoken in the sun cast meadowwhere the tall grasses blewand the butterflies flew Where I knelt and weptand you lifted my chinsaying ‘Rise, my child, and see.’then stood and talked with me How I wish I could recallthe words you gave to meas you wiped my tearsand laid wasteContinue reading “How I Long”