Another Angel

A poem that arrived in the most unexpected place.

A Love by My Side

A poem, inspired by this lovely elderly couple I saw, and the smile he gave his wife.

If Life Was Like an Ocean

A poem, a thought, you decide.

When a Mother Cries

When a Mother Cries, a poem dedicated to all the unseen tears ever shed by a parent.

Shine Bright

Shine bright my little spark….

A Friend Whom I Can Trust

I have a friend whom I can trust,and can tell me secrets to;my friend won’t talk or say out loud,the things I share when I am blue. My friend is good, my friend is kind,a very good friend in deed;always there to hear my tales,when an ear I very much need. Through good times andContinue reading “A Friend Whom I Can Trust”

Come Away With Me to the Sea

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