We All Make Ripples

Every action we choose sends ripples out into …

You Are All My Children

You are all my children and I love you, the sinner and saint alike. Know that no one is ….

Words Only Have Power When…

Words are just that – words. They only have power over you when you let them. It is up to you to choose which words you absorb into your being and which words you discard. Don’t let someone bully you and don’t believe people who are only throwing negativity your way. Likewise, don’t put yourselfContinue reading “Words Only Have Power When…”

Be Patient With One Another

Remember, you are perfect in my eyes, you are not flawed. Your scars, the colour of your eyes, your hair, your skin, is what makes you who you are. Look at my fruit; each one similar and yet of many different wonderful varieties. You are my fruit! You are beautiful! You are special! When aContinue reading “Be Patient With One Another”

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