I Am Listening

God, do you even hear me? How can you listen to me when so many cry out to you?

I am always listening, my child, and I hear you. I hear your prayers, your bargains, and know your thoughts intimately. As a mother can tell which of her child is saying what when all are speaking, so too can I hear all my children.

Even when you don’t speak, I hear you. I hear the unspoken prayer and silent wanting. You are connected to me and, as a result, have a direct line to me.

When a baby cries in a room full of children, the mother knows and responds according to the need. I, too, respond according to your need – your spiritual need. You may not hear me, but know that I am listening to you.

Perhaps the question should be, do you hear me? Are you listening with your spirit and recognizing the messages I am sending. I am talking to you constantly, directly and indirectly.

I send others to speak to you on my behalf and send you small messages throughout your day. Some are found in the lyrics of a song, some through the acts of another and some thoughts or inspiration.

Even my angels reach out to you on my behalf. They guard and guide you as if I was speaking to you directly. There are so many messengers sent to deliver my words.

Don’t ever doubt that I do not hear you or love you. I hear the pain of this world and the mournful cries as loud as the happy and joyful laughter. I hear both the good and the bad, the spoken and the unspoken.

Your spirit is a direct line to me. All you have to do is say my name, and I will listen. Prayer is one of the best ways to talk to me. Prayer, after all, is just a conversation between those who say the words and me, who listens.

Do you think I do not hear because you don’t get what you want, or your life is unsettled? Not all requests are granted. I am not a genie who grants wishes. There is work to be done on your part.

I have given you the gifts you need to have a complete and fulfilled life. The message is clear. Live a life based on love and kindness and use your talents for the good of others. This is what will bring joy.

I cannot alter your path. That choice is yours and yours alone. Likewise, sorrow is there to let you know that you loved and were loved. The key is not to get lost in your grief.

People will make poor choices, and bad things will happen. I not only listen, but I also watch and see all. It is clear the path being walked, and often those who have left the path cause harm to those on the path.

I not only listen, but I also experience everything you do; the good and the bad, the happy and the sad. I know the doubt, the fear, and the regret. It is written and becomes part of the history of your life. When the time comes, we will watch together, and you will see not only how I listened but how I responded.

Never doubt that I can hear you, my child, for I am always watching, and I am always listening.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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