Forgiveness and Confession

Cleanse your soul and renew your faith was a post with a simple message. A message telling us to prepare for the coming of the Lord. Confession and forgiveness are two important elements in this process. Let’s start with forgiveness. Many people get so caught up in the emotion of anger towards another, they can’tContinue reading “Forgiveness and Confession”

Return to Me

God is standing, waiting for all those who have stepped into the shadows to return to the light, and Him. It is never too late. You are not alone in your struggles, fear, or sorrow. God is with you through it all. He loves you, always. Don’t turn away. Turn towards, and return to Him.

Her Faith Was Strong

“I remember her well,” the old lady said to the young girl sitting beside her. “She was a happy little thing. Innocent of the ways of the world. I remember she loved singing in church and making mud pie cookies. There was a twinkle in her eye that you wouldn’t notice unless you looked forContinue reading “Her Faith Was Strong”