Talk to Me

Talk to me my children, I am here and I am listening. I want to talk with you, listen to you, smile with you, after all you are my children.

Don’t just come to me when things go wrong, or you need something. Tell me your joys, share your day and your dreams as well as your sadness. I see it all, but I am still a father just wanting his children to talk to him.

Talk to me in prayer, in song or just say ‘hey God, what’s up?’ I’ll hear you. I do answer you, although you do not always see or hear it. Your spirit knows the answer and will reveal it if you listen, and when the time is right. Sometimes you hear it but don’t like my answer so you ignore it, hoping it will change, trying for another answer. The answer won’t change, it is what it is because I love you.

Long have I waited my children for you to come to me with everything. As a new child you did, even though you don’t remember. It was natural for you because you were innocent, not yet wanting to control everything. The funny thing is you cannot control everything, yet still you try.

Share your burdens with me my children. Your fears and sadness can all be borne by me. I am willing to carry them for you. A heavy burden is always lighter when carried by two rather than one.

I am your trusted confident. Your secrets are safe with me. No one will ever know the things you say to me. I am a safe place, a true friend and confident … a parent.

Talk to me my children, I am listening.

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