A Chance For New Beginnings

Every day offers a chance for new beginnings and holds beauty if you look for it.

My friend took this picture. I am a night owl, so I am rarely awake to enjoy a sunrise. My views of our lake offer amazing sunsets as if they know my secret. I have seen some spectacular sunsets and enjoyed the occasional but always brilliant and amazing sunrise.

When I looked at this picture, my first thought was that it was the start of another glorious day. It automatically put me into my grateful mindset and was a fantastic way to wake up (even at 10:30 in the morning). Even without seeing it in person, I could partake in its breathtaking beauty thanks to my friend.

With the rising sun, we remember that every day is a new day. We have one more day to be grateful for and a chance for something new. It is only when we get stuck in negative mindsets that we miss these cues. We can’t see what we aren’t looking for.

This was the first email I opened on this day, and in so doing, I smiled. I smiled because it was beautiful and because my friend shared it with me. A friend I’ve known since kindergarten and who lives in a different province, but who remembers my birthday and sends occasional updates and beautiful pictures. I, too, send updates and photos and try not to miss a birthday wish.

One day, God willing, I will visit my friend, and I’ll drink tea and watch the sunrise with him, trying in earnest to stay awake. Perhaps he’ll visit me, and we will sit and watch the sunset and talk of earlier days when life was still new, young and uncomplicated.

Every day for me is new and young. I know it is an opportunity to do something different if I choose to, perhaps go on an adventure or simply sit back and enjoy.

I’ve made mistakes and have walked down rocky roads over the years, but I have always managed to stay on my feet. When we need to reset or change direction, it can be scary, but never forget that it also can be rewarding. My favourite saying is that when God leads us down rocky roads, he provides sturdy shoes. He also offers up daily opportunities for joy, beauty and happiness.

Try to confront your life, not in fear or sadness, but with joy and gratitude. Recognize that every day offers up a new beginning and a chance for you to change what you don’t like. Remember, and approach each day with a grateful heart.

Always remember that life is what we make, and every day is a chance for new beginnings.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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