Seek Me

Seek me not with your mind but with your soul and heart opened wide. When you do this, you will see my light and know me.

It is in the seeking we not only find God but ourselves. As we pray and work to open ourselves up to receive Him fully, we bear and uncover all our sins; the missteps of our youth turn to wisdom and acceptance.

We are not a perfect people, but we are perfectly made, made by the one who loves us most. He loved us first and will love us for eternity.

Even when we err and walk in the shadows, He is there, loving us and shining His glorious light our way, a light, to show the path. His path is one of love and understanding, grace and forgiveness. Knowing this, should we not endeavour to walk such a path?

When we open ourselves up to the Spirit, we can hear those words, ‘Seek me.’ Words, calling us to follow and to love. We are asked to seek Him in all things and all people, for He is everywhere and with everyone.

I have made mistakes in my life, and I am a sinner, but God loves me still and calls me. When I sit in quiet solitude with him, I know the direction I am to go. I am guided by His grace and the examples of Jesus.

When we stray off course and begin to walk within the shadows, there are more calls and signs for us to seek Him, to return to Him and His love. We will never be rejected, for we have been redeemed. This does not mean we are free to do whatever we want, but when we are truly and sincerely repentant, forgiveness is ours.

Seek not just out of wanting or need, but out of love and desire to be closer to God. God is there for more than our troubles. He is there in the joy and the sorrow, the growth and the failings. We are graced with His love and presence always, for it abides within and around us. All we need to do is seek, and we shall find.

It is important in this frantic world full of chaos and disruption that we find times of solitude. When we pray and meditate with God as our focus, we not only find Him, but we find peace as well.

There is a reason we search. It is an inherent need within to return to that from which we came and to maintain the spiritual thread between ourselves and our creator, an invisible connection stronger than any physical or visible one in this world.

When we lose this connection, our lives become disrupted. We are uncomfortable, and things do not fall into place as they should. Each of us has a divine purpose in this world, and it is that purpose at times that draws us to look for God and pull Him closer to us.

Listen, and you hear the request. It is simple and pure. Only two little words, ‘Seek me.’

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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