Walk In Light And Love

For what is the earth but a sphere within spheres? It is of humanity, fallen and risen; those struggling to find their way. Some, lost in darkness, wandering endlessly down putrid infested streets, where humans lay lost in the haze of the shadow. Others walk in an ethereal light, illuminated from within, shining their light outward; a beacon amidst another’s storm. For those lucky enough, an understanding and blossoming faith grows within, allowing one to grow in wisdom and love. Those are the ones who hear the responses to their prayers and unanswered questions. They are the ones whose light shines outward, welcoming all, regardless of race, stature, or creed, understanding it is not about judgement, but love. These are the ones who walk in light and love.

There are ones found living in the in-between, ever searching. Striving to reach enlightenment within; peace of mind and soul residing joyfully at the core of all. Observing quietly in the background, trying to understand, feel, and embrace the love that only God can offer, they watch, seeking to find the truth. Their life is compared to a misty fog that overlays one’s vision, with comprehension just out of reach. What if they were to let their shield fall, and just accept, believing in what they cannot see, nor fully understand? Would they join the enlightened ones?

Are the enlightened ones really and truly enlightened, or just further along in their journey? Perhaps enlightenment can only be found in the great beyond, past the barriers of this gravity ladened life. Regardless, one can see the light that shines from within as it reaches out to others, silently telling the world they walk with the one who matters most.

Who then is deserving of such a love as His? The truth is that we are all sinners. None is above another. Enlightened or not, we are not perfect, though we are perfectly made. Free will is fraught with options where the enemy loves to lay hidden traps and snares. We trip lightly over some, rebalancing and continuing, but others cause us to fall, injuring ourselves in the process. Fret not, for forgiveness is ours. We can heal, learn from the misstep and move forward.

Forgiveness came at a great cost, and is not to be taken lightly. We must learn from our failings, trying to do better, become better. One cannot walk forward, freely sinning, saying, “What does it matter? I’ll be forgiven in the end.” This is not how forgiveness works. He sees all and knows those who walk this path. It is the ally of the enemy and it leads only further into darkness. One must be repentant, truly and fully to receive such a gift as He has given.

Do not walk away from the light because there are shadows found within. Focus instead on the light that is His. Grow in that wisdom and love, forgiving the failings of others who have wandered. Let them be a warning, not a guide to jump ship. For if one jumps over the side and into the ocean, will you follow him as he plunges to his death in the depths of the dark blue murky waters? No, you’d try to save him. Why then would you walk away from the teachings and lessons he left us? Use not the weak as your excuse for walking away from Him. Only you can choose the path you walk. Make your choices carefully, based on light and love, not on what is easy.

Faith is difficult at times, but it is also simple. Faithful have been shunned, isolated, humiliated, and some tortured. Even in the current civilized society, people are killing others in the name of faith. Killing is not the path to enlightenment. It is the opposite. Love, not hatred, will raise you up where you desire to go; love and only love shines one’s light out into the world.

If we believe, truly believe, in the depths of our souls, the choices are made for us. The messages and path are set out for us to walk upon. Choose light, or darkness. In this, there is no grey area found. Know though, that always, and ever, it is our choice. The question is, what choice will you make? Will you walk in darkness, or walk in light and love?

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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