Everyone Has A Vision

Everyone has a vision of themselves. It is when we lose sight of our picture that we become lost.

Do you ever wonder how people see themselves? Some hide it very well. Outwardly they act one way, but when they return to the safety of their houses, they act another.

For some, anxiety causes such stress that leaving the house is extremely difficult. When they do, they appear outgoing because they do not want people to know their struggle.

Nobody wakes up one day and says, ‘I think I’ll become lonely, divorced, homeless, jobless, an addict or have severe anxiety or depression.’ Everyone wants to be happy, but for some, their vision for themselves is lost.

When you know what you want and set that intention on your soul with purpose, you begin to manifest your desires. You start living your vision. This is because the urge to attain your vision is strong when embedded in your subconscious.

For some, their vision is blurred. They begin to see themselves as failures, and the emotions or the feelings tie that blurred vision into their deeper selves. Not everyone can free themselves from this because they have not been shown or told how. Often, their stubbornness or fear gets in the way.

If you are unhappy with your life, create a new vision for yourself. One that brings joy and is based on love and kindness. Ensure it is a positive vision that brings no harm to you or those around you.

Replacing a vision is easier for some than others. Fear plays a factor because people are tied to their vision. Not knowing who they are without it leaves some stuck exactly where they are, even if they are unhappy. The truth of the matter is that your identity is based on the choices you make and actions you take.

To change your vision, start with something small. Introduce something into your life picture that will bring joy. When you achieve what you want, you can increase your image to include other things or replace it with a new one.

Some people use mantras to help rewire and redraw their image. Others leave pictures and post-it notes on their mirrors and fridges; all of these work to embed a new idea or image into your subconscious. For me, I use visualization. I see myself becoming or achieving the thing that I want to manifest.

Visualization Technique

1. Think about what your vision is for yourself.

2. Pick something that brings joy and focus on it.

3. Reinforce the image and strengthen it. Bring it into focus, sharpening the lines of your picture until it is clear.

4. Next, think about what you don’t like and feel the emotion tied to it

5. Begin to blur the image until you can no longer see it

6. Let the image fade into the background and release any emotions with it

7. Look at your new vision in all its beauty and feel the happiness and joy that goes with it

We never totally lose the negative because it is a part of who we were. We learn from it, letting it fade into the background as a reminder that we do not want to return to the darker shady area.

Add to your vision, redraw it and enhance it often. Make this a daily practice until you are living the life you want. You can do this for emotions and goals.

Positive Mantra

1. Set a time aside each day for your mantra and commit to doing it

2. Say out loud one good thing about you or a goal that you want. Say it as if it is true

3. Listen to the words as you say them and feel the feeling that goes with the words (don’t feel emotions tied to self-doubt, but the ones you know should go with the statement you are making.

4. Repeat it and add the feeling of joy and happiness

5. See the feeling surrounding you until you are wrapped in a blanket of the positive emotion

6. Add to the list, stating all the positive things you want and feel how they will make you feel

Here are a few examples. You can pick your own emotions to bond the statement; these are just a sampling:

  • I am beautiful (happiness)
  • I am kind (warmth)
  • I am compassionate (love)
  • I am loving (joy)
  • I am giving (pleasure)
  • I am capable (happiness)
  • I am a good person (satisfaction)
  • I am strong (calm)
  • I am forgiving (peace)
  • I will succeed (happiness)
  • I will….put in your goal (joy)

The list of positive mantras is as long as there are goals and states of beings. When you automatically feel the feeling and are living the truth of the statements, add more. As you complete one goal, add a new one.

We all have a picture of how we want our lives to be and the kind of people we want to be. If you’ve lost your vision, know that you are not alone. Understand that you can rebuild the picture you hold for yourself at any time.

For better or worse, we each have our own picture. No one is without some kind of image because everyone has a vision.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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