Be Willing To Take It Deep

Sometimes you need to dig deep

Don’t just muddle, commit, put in the effort and be willing to take it deep.

Whether it is having better relations, job, fitness or spiritual level, you can’t just play at it. You have to work at it with purpose. Everything we want not only requires but demands that we give it 100% if we are to be not only successful but happy,

Anything that is given half the effort always provides less than desired results. You must be willing to put in the work for what you want to reap the reward and put the effort in the right place. In other words you can’t just wade into the water, you must be willing to learn how to swim and take it deep.


You get out of a relationship what you put in. Too often, people are looking at it from the viewpoint of ‘what’s in it for me?’ That is not the right approach. You must, and should, look at it from the viewpoint of what you can offer to the other person in the relationship.

Think of when you first met your partner and were dating. Everything was bright and shiny, and you looked forward to the next date. Now ask yourself, when did you relax into the relationship and stop giving, or stop communicating?

All relationships should be based on giving and not taking. It doesn’t always have to be some big grand gesture, but do something nice for the other person and don’t let them ever feel that they are not special. You will get back tenfold what you give.


Whatever you do is not just a job but a career. A place you will spend many days doing what you are doing, repeatedly. If you want the best out of your career and to flourish, you cannot just do it halfway. Try your best to give 100% every day.

Whether you are just building something new or in a career that you’ve been trying to advance, do your very best, and then ask what more I can do? Don’t do half the job or pretend you know all that there is to know.

If you are struggling, figure out what you need to learn, and then go for it. Ask for assistance and find a mentor in the field where you are trying to flourish. You don’t always have to figure out things all by yourself. There are always people who are willing to mentor you and help you succeed.


There are so many different activities available in the fitness industry that you don’t have to spend time doing something you hate. If the gym is not for you, find something else. It took me a long time to understand this.

Perhaps you love to swim, dance, ride a bike, or maybe even walk. All of these can be done regularly and provide tremendous health benefits. The key is finding something that you love to do so that you will stick with it.

Also, remember that a balanced diet doesn’t mean you can’t have some of your favourite foods. It means you need to fit them into your meal planning, so they are a treat and not a way of life.


Don’t just come to God when you have a problem. Talk with Him every day. Set aside time to pray and reflect. It is in those conversations in those prayers where we meet God.

When we are willing to spend quality time in prayer and not just always asking God to fix our problems, we grow in faith. It is then that we learn to shine brighter.

Ask God what He wants and be opened to the response. It should not, and cannot, be a one-way relationship. We must be willing to open ourselves up to Him fully and freely, without condition.

Whatever area of your life you are looking to improve, don’t just dial it in. Be willing to get off the sidelines and put in the effort. Don’t just play on the surface, be willing to take it deep.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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