Appreciate the Ones Who Care

Loved ones are not around forever; make sure to appreciate the ones who care. It seems that too often we take the people we care about for granted. If there is one small gift that came with Covid it is in the fact that we realized how important our relationships are. This is more evidentContinue reading “Appreciate the Ones Who Care”

Make Time For What Matters Most

Make time for what matters most. If you don’t make time, the reality is that it cannot be that important to you. Don’t get so caught up in life that you lose sight of what matters most to you. This is usually not material things but rather people. Too many times I hear people sayContinue reading “Make Time For What Matters Most”

Come Friends

Come Friends – a poem by Leslie C. Dobson

Strength to Endure The Difficult Times

When times are tough, do not pray for an easy life, pray …

Fan The Flames That Feed

There are all kinds of fires out there, good and bad. Make sure …

An Endless Kind of Love

An Endless Kind of Love – a poem by Leslie C. Dobson

Bring Me With You

Bring me with you my children, in all that you do and …

Come Away

A poem, a journey about love, loss and how our love continues on.

I Believe in Many Things

I believe in many things, if you know me, you know that’s true; …

I Am Fading

I am fading, fading from …

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