Every Failure Is A Lesson

What if - a question we’ve all asked

Approach every failure as a lesson – an experience that makes you stronger and wiser.

There are several different reasons why people fail. The challenging part, it seems, is trying to understand the lesson involved and why the failure occurred.

When we don’t properly plan or prepare, we leave room for mistakes to happen. Things, which could be avoidable had we taken the time needed to educate ourselves in the matter at hand.

Sometimes, we fail because we keep doing the same thing without making adjustments to accomplish our goals differently. I’ve been told that is the definition of insanity and would have to agree. A closed door remains unanswered when no one is home, no matter how loud you knock.

If you hit your hand on a wall and it hurts, odds are it’s going to hurt if you do it again. We learn from pain, and so we tend not to do things that cause it.

Failure comes in many forms. It can be present in relationships as well as goals. When it comes to people, the lesson is to try another approach. Try to approach it from what you have to offer to the relationship, not what you can get from it.

If, however, you keep picking the same type of person to be in a relationship with, and keep having the same results, perhaps the answer is to look for a different kind of person.

Our experiences and wisdom come as much from failure as it does from success. It is easy to keep doing things that work well, harder to figure out what is not working well and make changes.

When we look at our failures as lessons, we are more open to analyzing them and figuring out what went wrong. We learn, grow in our knowledge, and move forward.

If we keep making the same mistakes, we are not growing. In fact, we are being stubborn. It is one thing to be persistent and not give up, another to be stubborn and keep trying without adapting or adjusting. Think of it as fine-tuning.

Sometimes, the lesson is that what we are reaching for is not meant for us. We may be trying to grab someone else’s dream, and it contradicts with our core purpose. When this happens, we cannot win. We may have small victories, but there will be no satisfaction found.

If you are coming up against difficulties and things aren’t working as expected, stop. Figure out what the learning is because every failure has something to teach us. Every failure is a lesson.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

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