What if is a Question We’ve All Asked

‘What if’ is a question we’ve all asked. The reality is that this is a question everyone asks themselves more than once throughout their lifetime. What if I had handled the conversation differently? Or, what if I just walked away, picked up the phone, or went to visit more often? The lists go on andContinue reading “What if is a Question We’ve All Asked”

Listen Fully and Openly

Listen fully and openly at all times and you will learn much. When we are open to listening to what another person is saying we give them our full attention. This means not planning our response while they are talking but consuming what they are saying. In other words, listening to hear not to respond.Continue reading “Listen Fully and Openly”

There Are No Guarantees In Life

Nobody promised us that life would be easy, there are no guarantees in life. Every one of us has to do our part in this thing we call life. Each one, finding their own way, contributing to, and sharing their talents with, the rest of the world. There is no guarantee that our life willContinue reading “There Are No Guarantees In Life”

Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning – a poem by Leslie C. Dobson

Change Your Picture For the Better

We are what we believe and the beauty of …

History Does Not Determine Your Destiny

Your past does not define you. See it as a stepping stone into your future …

No Limits

Do not put limits on yourself, instead live …

Listen to Your Elders

Listen to your elders, not because they are always right but …

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