The Strength of the Spirit Will Carry Me

Into the abyss, I go,
to drop the chains that bind;
to free the sorrowful thoughts,
that toil within my mind.

Down, down, down,
to rid myself of fear;
never once releasing the light,
ever and always keeping it near.

All the hurts that scar me,
I drop and watch them fall;
as forgiveness rises up,
until there is no pain at all.

The winds of doubt lash out,
though I bend, I do not break;
self-loathing catches a wave,
disappearing on its break.

Towards the heavens, I rise,
leaving darkness fully behind;
and now love is the only thing,
to which my soul will bind.

Bright shining like a new star,
sparkling, once more made new;
the strength of the Spirit will carry me,
carry me Lord to you.

© Leslie C Dobson

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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