Be Brave Enough to Ask For Help

You Can a Change Your Path

Everybody struggles now and then, the key is for you to be brave enough to ask for help.

Asking for help takes courage that many do not understand. It means showing a weakness that we’d rather the world did not see. Many people just deal with their emotional stuff and move on. They don’t fully understand when someone can’t do the same.

Being told ‘get over it’ only pushes one further inward. For some, the struggle is so intense that it is debilitating. A lack of self-worth starts to creep in and the person just wants to shut themselves off from the world. If this is happening to you, talk to someone.

First, you have to tell someone you are struggling and need help. This is the hardest step to take for many. Second, you must be willing to accept help. Third, and just as important, you have to be willing to take action and make changes.

Asking for help

How you ask for help varies depending on the need. If you are in danger, being abused or fear that you might harm yourself, you need to get to a safe place first. Once there, draw on your courage and explain the situation.

For some, it is a simple as you reaching out to a friend whom you trust. This is a friend who will not judge you. Tell them what you are struggling with but also tell them how they can help you. Do you just want them to listen, or offer advice? Perhaps you need them to be with you when you go ask for help so you are not alone. The best way they can help you is for you to tell them what you need.

There are many groups and emergency support numbers that you can call if you need help. They can put you in touch with people who can help further. These people are the first response and trained in crisis management for situations like yours. You will need to trust them.

If all you need is someone to listen to you fine. Just know that if you continue to struggle you need more than that. Don’t struggle in isolation, be brave enough to ask for help.

Be Willing to Accept Help

When you ask for help you need to be prepared to take it. This might mean a change in circumstances, therapy, attending a support group, etc.

Accepting help takes courage, especially when you are struggling already and in a vulnerable state. You need to trust that you are strong enough and dig deep.

Once you have accepted the help a weight will lift. You will realize you are not alone in your struggle and there is someone, or several people, who want to help you.

Asking for and accepting help is not a weakness, it is a strength. It also is wise to know you need assistance to get through your situation.

Be Willing To Make Changes

You have it in you to do what it takes to improve your situation but you have to be willing to take action. If you are not willing to act on the help and advice provided you will remain where you are.

If you refuse to act on help offered time and time again, people will eventually stop trying to help you. They will conclude that you like your situation or, you are not as bad off as you’ve indicated.

This step is a hard one because it requires change. Even though our situation is not ideal, we know it and understand it. We don’t know what our life will be like without it and because of this we sometimes sabotage ourselves. Recognize that there is a natural resistance to change for many of us but don’t let that resistance prevent you from making things better for yourself.

Whatever your situation, wherever you are, know that you are not alone. Things can get better but it starts with you. You must be brave enough to ask for help.

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