Apologize When You’re Wrong

Never let angry or hurtful words fly from your lips and always apologize when you’re wrong.

It seems so simple, but people often let their own stubbornness get in the way of doing what is right. When we are wrong we need to admit it and say that we are sorry.

Saying sorry doesn’t mean that you are weak. It takes a strong person to admit when they are wrong and an even stronger one to apologize.

Know too that you can’t say it and not mean it. The apology must be genuine. Also, understand that the person you are apologizing to may not be quite ready to receive it. Don’t forget that they are most likely hurting by your actions and need a little time and space.

It is easy to tell when someone means what they say when they apologize. They tend to not make the same mistakes twice and work to become a better version of themselves. Their actions show that they are sincere.

No relationship is worth the pride of an unspoken apology. When someone matters, we do what is right, including owning our mistakes and poor judgement. If we don’t, we sever the tie that binds the relationship together.

It is when we disregard other peoples feelings all together that we break trust and lose friendships. If you only think of yourself and don’t want to be embarrassed by apologizing, ask yourself what you would do if that person were no longer in your life.

No one is perfect. You will make a mistake here and there, and you definitely will do, or say, something to hurt another person. It is a wise person who understands and recognizes this. Show them you value the relationship by doing what is right.

It takes courage to bare your heart to someone when you have erred. Too often, people shy away and hope things will resolve themselves and the issues will disappear. While it may seem that this can happen, below the surface, there is an unhealed hurt longing for an honest and heartfelt apology.

Sometimes, the person we owe an apology to is ourselves. The person we treat the worst at times is usually the one looking back at us in the mirror. Mental health and negative self talk are tied closely together. If you have struggled or failed, forgive yourself and try again.

Be kind to your inner self and treat it gently and lovingly. Your spirit will shine and you will thrive when you take care of yourself. Don’t look to find fault, rather look at the beauty that resides within. You are wonderfully made.

Open wounds do not heal when they are dirty. Hurts don’t disappear when ignored. Remember this and apologize when you’re wrong.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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