Because of His Grace

The floor was cold as I lay there, unable to move. The marble tile felt wet and somewhat sticky. I couldn’t figure out why. My brain had kicked into a different gear, and I was in a world where time seemed to stand still. Tears. I tasted the salt mixed with something else as IContinue reading “Because of His Grace”

God Grant Me Strength

A knock came at the door. I rolled over and groaned. The clock read 3:30 am. It was a loud, familiar knock and not the first time I would be awakened in the middle of the night. Nor, I suspected, would it be the last. I pulled myself out of bed, took and deep breathContinue reading “God Grant Me Strength”

The Walk Of The Unknown

I walk the walk of the unknown. Silent and invisible, I tread across the land. Hat pulled down over my ears, hands thrust deep into pockets holed from use. Quietly, I move from place to place, landing only long enough to recoup, never entering the palisades of human life. Eating little, I rummage; for whatContinue reading “The Walk Of The Unknown”