A Second Family

She wrapped her fingers around the steaming mug and willed the heat to seep into her bones. Curling her feet beneath the blanket, she pulled it snuggly around her, tucking in any loose flaps as a barrier to the cold crisp air. Funny, she thought, how such a cold day offered up a gentle warmContinue reading “A Second Family”

A Different Kind Of Thirst

It was hot, hotter than any day she could ever remember. She reached into her bag and pulled out the steel thermos that carried the precious liquid to quench her parched throat and, hopefully, soothe her searing lips. Sipping slowly, she savoured each precious drop, daring not to take too much. It would run outContinue reading “A Different Kind Of Thirst”

Because of His Grace

The floor was cold as I lay there, unable to move. The marble tile felt wet and somewhat sticky. I couldn’t figure out why. My brain had kicked into a different gear, and I was in a world where time seemed to stand still. Tears. I tasted the salt mixed with something else as IContinue reading “Because of His Grace”