The Strength To Carry On

He dropped by early in the morning. The mist was still rising from the field, and I had just dragged myself in to make some tea. Just a short visit,’ he had said and walked over to put the kettle on. I sat, silently stunned at the image of him standing there, and stared. LookingContinue reading “The Strength To Carry On”

When She Met Jesus

It was in the most unexpected place when she met Jesus. A time when she was searching for her earthly father in dreams through meditation. Closing her eyes, she pictured the image and fixed it clearly in her mind. The walls pure white, solid to the touch. Her mind had difficulty grasping the reality thatContinue reading “When She Met Jesus”

A Glorious Day

She walked in peace on her way to her favourite bench. It’s a good day for a walk, she told herself. In fact, it was a glorious day. This was her favourite kind of weather, cool and crisp with a slight breeze to wake you up early in the morning. The wind picked up asContinue reading “A Glorious Day”