Standing On The Altar

I was young when I first saw them, first saw her, standing on the altar behind the priest. I was surprised to see her standing there and tugged on my mothers’ coat to explain the image I saw. ‘Ssh’ was her response, but I was insistent because the woman had just appeared and stood thereContinue reading “Standing On The Altar”

In The Early Hours

It was in the early hours when he heard her. He could not see her but could feel the distress in her strangled sobs. The streets were dark and silent normally at this hour, with only a few strays walking the streets looking for happiness in a dark alley of despair. His footsteps echoed asContinue reading “In The Early Hours”

She Knelt In Silence

She knelt in silence, and sorrow, in a solitary pose. Quietly still, with her head bowed, face solemn, and eyes closed, she prayed the prayer of a hundred years. The ground was not plush, nor was it soft. Beneath her knees stones were sharp, misshapen pebbles, cutting deep, like a knife. Each one a woundContinue reading “She Knelt In Silence”