Rekindle The Fire Within

Let Your Light Shine

If life is not going well, perhaps it is time to rekindle the fire within and live your authentic life.

Life is a roller coaster of challenges. Nobody is happy all the time. Everyone struggles in life. Look at the saints. Many of their lives were fraught with struggle, but they had purpose. How we handle the struggle determines the outcome.

When you don’t stoke the fire, and feed the flame from time to time, a fire will die. When one gives up and stops trying, the same thing happens. The longing within us to succeed, achieve our dreams, or even attain spiritual enlightenment dwindles. We need to take constant action to keep things progressing.

Success and Achieving Dreams

We must set goals, taking concrete actions to reach them if we are to succeed and achieve our dreams. One doesn’t wake up one morning saying, I think I’d like to be a painter, and by the end of the day they are painting masterpieces. They must take lessons, learn their craft, practicing to improve.

In the learning we make mistakes. This is okay. It is all part and parcel of reaching our dreams. Learning what not to do is as important as learning how to do it well. We grow from our mistakes, honing our skills, until we reach our goal.

Sometimes dreams change. That is okay, as long as you aren’t giving up because it is too hard, and you don’t feel like trying. Nothing worthwhile is ever super easy. There is always work involved.

Having more than one goal is also possible. Sometimes, we are learning new hobbies, other times we are trying to improve our career path. You can achieve any goal, but you must tackle it step by step. A puzzle doesn’t get completed all at once. The picture comes together by putting it together, piece by piece. You need to do the same as you approach your goals. The difference is that you are climbing a ladder and must go step by step, whereas you can put together a puzzle in a hundred different ways.

Spiritual Enlightenment

One does not wake up one day and have complete knowledge of God and live a spiritually fulfilled life. They study, read the bible, talk to spiritual advisors, and pray continually.

We must practice living in a peaceful state to become peaceful. This doesn’t mean our lives are peaceful. Life is fraught with turmoil, challenges, and difficulty. It is our approach to these that makes us peaceful.

When we accept that life is challenging, while knowing and believing that God walks with us, we can handle what comes at us from a place of peace. This doesn’t mean we will know how to deal with or fix every situation, but we have faith that we will come through it. Mother Teresa’s life is a wonderful example of this.

The saints asked questions of Jesus, learning from his examples and teachings. They prayed together, and when he asked something of them, occasionally would question it. Eventually, they learned there was no need to question. Their faith became so strong they no longer needed to ask ‘why’, only to serve.

We are not perfect people. Mistakes will happen. The important thing is to get off the path of shadows when you recognized you’ve made a wrong turn and return to the path of light. It is a more peaceful and pleasant path to walk.

Forgiveness is sometimes one of the hardest things to give, but in giving it, we find peace. It allows us to release the emotions tied to the harm, and truly live. We recognize the hurt and pain in another, even though they harmed us. It is not always easy, but the reward is great. Look at the example He gave. There is no greater sacrifice, nor gift of forgiveness, than His.

Many things can dim your spiritual light. It is up to you to keep the flame of the Holy Spirit kindled and fed. It is an eternal flame within that will never die unless you extinguish it by choice. Pray, use your talents in the service of others, forgive, and shine your light.

If the flame within has died and you’ve lost desire, hope, or have walked away from your faith, look inward. Figure out when it began to dwindle and start from there. Throw any excuses you have to the curb, and prepare to start again.

Our internal flame is ours to tend. Know and trust that the ember still burns. It is your job to stoke the fire, feed the flame, and rekindle the fire within.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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