Wash Your Windows

If windows are the eyes to the soul, then you need to make sure you wash your windows and keep them clean.

How we look at the world depends on our internal beliefs. These are the morals taught to us and ones we have picked up along the way. Every once in a while, though, our lenses become blurred. It is then we must stop and make sure we remove the dirt.

Some of the morals passed down to us are skewed, and we need to remove that vision from our thoughts if we are to enter into a higher state of being. From generation to generation, there have been good and destructive beliefs passed down. Keep the good and eliminate the bad.

Many things can stain your views and among the top is judgement. People judge others so quickly and readily that I think most don’t even know they are doing it.

When you pass a homeless person begging on the streets, and they ask for money, some will give all the time, others some of the time, and on occasion, some will spurt out get a job. You have looked and judged without knowing. We are no better than, or further above, that person. Their circumstances are their own, and they may be there for many different reasons. Mental health, sexual and physical abuse and loss of a job are among the top reasons, along with addiction.

When I find myself making a swift judgement or turning away from someone in disgust who has treated someone else poorly, it is then that I must stop myself and wash my lenses. I don’t know the story, and it is not mine to judge even if I did. It is my job to stand up and say ‘stop’ and defend the helpless, and to act with love and pure intentions.

I have found myself apologizing to someone, especially salespeople and cashiers, for how another person has treated them. No one deserves to be treated with anything but respect. Yes, respect is earned, but it should be given freely until, or unless, your trust is abused. Yet, I often don’t know if the person on the receiving end started it or said something offensive, and still, I made a judgement.

Social media plays a massive role in today’s judgemental society. Many times videos are cropped or changed to provide us with a skewed version of the truth. Our job is to wipe the lens clean and investigate for ourselves thoroughly before rushing to a conclusion.

Self-judgement is another critical area where we need to keep our vision clear. We must understand that we are not perfect people and will make mistakes. Look upon yourself with eyes of love and not with doubt, distaste or self-loathing. If you find yourself looking with anything but love, wash your windows.

A person who may cut you off could be rushing to someone who is ill or injured, or they could be rushing to a new job which they must get if they are to keep putting food on their table. Yes, they may just be inconsiderate and rude, but you don’t know that for sure, so don’t get angry. It is a minor inconvenience in the bigger picture.

When I notice or think that my vision is skewed, I try and remind myself to look at the world and myself through Jesus’ eyes. Those are the eyes of love. They see the good and bad and act accordingly.

When we look through a clear lens, we see things for what they are and can make decisions based on facts and not emotions. Looking at mothers through the eyes of love also allows us to accept them fully for who they are.

Keep your eyes and your vision clear and look through the lens of the spirit. If your vision is blurred or foggy, wash your windows.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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