Greed Thinks Soley Of Self

Greed has no regard for others. Greed thinks solely of self.

When people are greedy, they tend to want to keep everything for themselves, and there is never enough of the things they want. The focus is only on one’s self and not any other person.

The opposite is true of someone living an authentic and abundant life. Abundance provides fully, allowing you to share freely and without worry. You never hesitate to share what is yours.

There are many facets to living abundantly or with greed. Only you can choose your lifestyle. If you choose the path of greediness, the road will become lonely as people do not wish to be around others who are not loving and giving.

Most people relate greed to money or possessions, but knowledge is also secreted away by a person who wants to keep everything for themselves. Below are brief examples of greed and abundance as it relates to finances, possessions and knowledge.


A greedy person doesn’t want to loan money to anyone. They want it all for themselves, and they desire to amass as much wealth as possible.

When you live abundantly and share your wealth, you not only help others, but you feel good. Things that flow freely are often returned.


A greedy person with many things doesn’t allow others to use them. They keep what they have for their own enjoyment, not including another.

When you share your possessions and allow others to make use of them, you have more fun. More enjoyment is taken when shared with people than by oneself.


This is the biggest area where people don’t want to share what they know because they are afraid someone else will replace them. They do not understand that you can’t move forward if you cement yourself in one place.

Sharing knowledge allows you to help others learn what you know. It provides them with the ability also to achieve success and move forward.

Greed is a dark and often lonely road filled with mistrust and fear. Fear of losing what you have and fear of not having enough. Mental health diminishes with the constant thoughts of fear and loss.

Abundance is an enjoyable journey filled with love and laughter. When we live abundantly, we share what we have with joy. We help nourish others, and they do the same in return. As a collective, we grow and flourish together.

The wonderful thing about abundance is there is plenty for everyone and always more to be had. More wealth to be shared, better lifestyles to be lived and more to learn.

My hope for all is that you will live an abundant life and shine as you were meant to shine. Do not be greedy in anything but to all be giving. Think and live abundantly. Let go of greed which thinks solely of self.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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