Be Willing To Take Action

Growth comes from being uncomfortable and still being willing to change. Most importantly, you must be willing to take action.

If you want things to change in your life, you must hold the right state of mind. This means you must do the following:

Be open to change

As things change, you must be able to adapt so you can change too. By adjusting and looking for new ways to accomplish something, you are learning and growing.

Some consider it a blessing, others an unwanted necessity. How you view change will determine your state of mind and well-being. Your perception allows you to be excited at a new opportunity for growth or be disgruntled and angry because you want to remain in the status quo.

Change is a constant you can rely on. It is not always comfortable because it requires us to stretch beyond what we know. Be happy being uncomfortable and recognize it means you are growing.

Everything changes in life as we continue to grow. Growth requires transformation. Look for the opportunity when change arises and find new ways to do what you want.

Make a commitment to yourself

The odds are that you make commitments to everyone but yourself. We make commitments for work, our family, our friends, our lovers. Why then, would you not commit to the most important person in the world – yourself?

Stop putting yourself last on the list. It is okay to make yourself a priority. When you do this, you become happier and are better able to serve those you care about.

You are worth the commitment, and you deserve to be happy. When you understand this, you will find ways to make time for what you want. You have something valuable, a talent that is inherently yours and is meant to be shared with the world.

Give yourself permission to be fulfilled and happy. Not only are you worth it, everyone around you will benefit from it as well. When you share your talents and are true to yourself you live authentically.

Be willing to take action

Understand that change will not occur without some action. You will be required to do things differently than what you are doing today. The smartest way to obtain your dreams or reach your desired goal is to break your ‘want’ down into manageable steps.

When you have mini goals and a concrete plan of what needs to be done to reach your goal, it is easier to take the steps required.

Every action will produce results. Some may be negative results and mean you need to back up. This is okay because you are learning and won’t make the same mistake in the future.

Sometimes, the action involves learning. If you are doing something you have not done before, then you must learn. There are many ways in today’s society to learn, and a lot of them are free.

You cannot break free from the status quo, unhappiness, disappointment, anger, etc., if you are not willing to do the above.

Be kind to yourself and never forget that for things to change you must be willing to take action.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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