Soar As If You Had Wings

You were made to shine, to soar as if you had wings.

Don’t waste time doing things you don’t enjoy. You were not meant to do be unhappy. Find your purpose and then live it with passion. If you aren’t sure what your passion is, start by trying new things until you find something that brings you joy.

Even if you only live your passion under the guise of a hobby, find time to do the things that bring joy to you and others. You will feel more fulfilled and be happier in general. When you are happy, those around you are happier by association.

Passion and joy are contagious, and people will be drawn to you like a magnet. Everybody wants to be around a joyful person and someone who is living their dream.

Yes, we all have to work for a living, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live our passion. Don’t go quitting your day job without having something lined up, but don’t stay where you are miserable. Find something that you can make money at and be joyful at the same time.

A lot of people think that they will be happy when…(fill in the blank). Be happy now. Choose to do the things that bring you and those around you joy. In other words, make a choice to live ‘happy.’

When you choose to live your passion, work is not so tedious, and you will look forward to it. You will find that you also put more energy and effort into your success when there is passion behind it.

There a lot of ways for you to live your passion and succeed. Once you find it, go for it and then soar as if you and wings.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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