A Time For Peace

Hello, my friends, or should I say, brothers and sisters? For that is what we truly are. One large family living on a planet which we call home. A planet that is a single part of the galaxy, which makes up a part of a universe so vast that most of us cannot grasp reality. As a global family, it is time for healing and a time for peace.

Like a family, we argue and fight but our fighting destroys and kills. It destroys relationships and in the worst of cases, it destroys families, towns, and countries. Ultimately it destroys the planet little by little. A planet that openly houses us. Most of all, the wars, the fighting are leading to the slow destruction of each of us.

It is time we put the fighting to an end and let our children know the joy and sight of peace and love. I believe that many have forgotten what they are fighting for, except to call it revenge. It is time the leaders of this world unite in peace. If they cannot do this they should step down and let someone who can lead. It is time for parents to release past grudges and prejudices and raise their children to love and protect one and all.

This land over which so many fight is not ours. It is not mine, or yours. This land is on loan to us from the true owner, the planet itself. It was here long before us and will stand long after you and I have moved on. Let us call for everyone to lay down their weapons and help heal the wounds with forgiveness. Once you start to heal the wounds you will find a way to heal the planet. If everyone refused to fight the leaders could not continue to do so but it takes everyone to lay their arms. This includes the armies ordered to penalize those who refuse to fight. They too must refuse to do that which they know within is wrong.

If I were to take soil from every corner of the world and mix it together would it not still be soil? How would you tell each grain of sand within the soil apart? Could I not still plant a seed in the soil, nurture it, feed it and watch it grow? The seed knows not the difference, it only has one purpose which is to grow and bloom for all to enjoy.

We have thirsted for too long my brothers and sisters. It is time for us to grow and bloom. It is time for us to live the life we were meant to; a life of love for all. We are one you and I, all a part of the same earthly population, all part of the same family. It is time to forgive and to reunite. This is a time for healing and a time for peace.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

One thought on “A Time For Peace

  1. “This land over which so many fight is not ours. It is not mine, or yours. This land is on loan to us from the true owner, the planet itself”

    Just cant agree anymore to this sentence!!

    We ourselves are the cause of our own destruction! Let’s rise above all and spread peace and love!

    This article touched my heart!💫

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