Never Be Afraid of Giving

There is nothing that can be truly lost when we help others. Never be afraid of giving. There are many ways that you can help other people. Financially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. As others have helped you over the years, and even if they haven’t, so should you help others. Don’t let fear hold youContinue reading “Never Be Afraid of Giving”

Live Life With Passion

You only have one go-round in this world, so choose to live life with passion. Life doesn’t have to be humdrum, it can be wonderful and exciting. Part of it is how you view your world and the other part is the effort you put into it. Let’s look a bit closer at these two:Continue reading “Live Life With Passion”

Everyone Can Be An Earth Angel

Everyone can help someone, which means everyone can …

Contribute What You Can, When You Can

Don’t just take up space in life, contribute what …

When it Comes to Life, Be a Thermostat

When it comes to how you live within the world are …

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