She Knelt In Silence

She knelt in silence, and sorrow, in a solitary pose. Quietly still, with her head bowed, face solemn, and eyes closed, she prayed the prayer of a hundred years. The ground was not plush, nor was it soft. Beneath her knees stones were sharp, misshapen pebbles, cutting deep, like a knife. Each one a woundContinue reading “She Knelt In Silence”

How I Long

Oh, how I long for those wordsspoken in the sun cast meadowwhere the tall grasses blewand the butterflies flew Where I knelt and weptand you lifted my chinsaying ‘Rise, my child, and see.’then stood and talked with me How I wish I could recallthe words you gave to meas you wiped my tearsand laid wasteContinue reading “How I Long”

A Star Comes

A Christmas star cameto show the way,to where in a mangera baby did lay. He brought joy,an end to strifeand gave the giftof eternal life. He healed the sickand welcomed the poor;walked on waterand plenty more. The shepherds followed,the wise men came;to see a newborn king,not knowing even his name. The star shone brightfor allContinue reading “A Star Comes”