Do Not Judge One Another

Do not judge one another my children. That job is not yours, it is mine and mine alone.

Forgive Each Other

Forgive each other my children. Stop hurting each other and stop holding fast to the hurts. You must forgive even the harshest of hurts against you. I know it can be hard at times to do this. I know that when you are hurting it can turn to anger against the one that hurt you.Continue reading “Forgive Each Other”

Be Patient My Children

Be patient my children; patient with yourself, your loved ones, with your friends, and those people you may not yet know. Remember that although you may not know them intimately, the strangers are your brothers and sisters through me, they also need your patience. While you do not always know what is happening in theirContinue reading “Be Patient My Children”

Be a Light to Others

Shine your light outward my children, shine it for all to see. Be a light to others, a beacon in their storm. You are the measuring stick, not the measurer. You need to shine your light and walk in faith so that others may see and be able to follow. You can lead them outContinue reading “Be a Light to Others”

I Am With You

I am with you my children. You are not alone. I know you do not always see me, or hear me, but I am there; standing right beside you with my hand on your shoulder. You are as much a part of me as I am of you. I will never leave you. I comeContinue reading “I Am With You”

Be Patient With One Another

Remember, you are perfect in my eyes, you are not flawed. Your scars, the colour of your eyes, your hair, your skin, is what makes you who you are. Look at my fruit; each one similar and yet of many different wonderful varieties. You are my fruit! You are beautiful! You are special! When aContinue reading “Be Patient With One Another”

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