Live In The Moment

Sometimes, when we misplace things and cannot find them, it is because we do not live in the moment. This is usually because we are rushing off to the next moment instead of enjoying the one we are in. Many people seem more focused on what they are doing in the next five minutes orContinue reading “Live In The Moment”

Reconciling Your Past

There is a reason the saying ‘physician heal thy self’ is still around.  It is because it is within each of us to heal our broken parts.  If we hold tight to the things that hurt us we will never find a way to heal.  If we never find a way to heal, we won’tContinue reading “Reconciling Your Past”

Don’t Live In Fear

It is easy at times to let our fears prevent us from moving forward; sometimes so much so that we cannot leave the house or answer the phone.  When we live in fear though, we are choosing to give away our joy.  I say this because it is a choice we make.  We choose toContinue reading “Don’t Live In Fear”