Forgiveness and Confession

Cleanse your soul and renew your faith was a post with a simple message. A message telling us to prepare for the coming of the Lord. Confession and forgiveness are two important elements in this process.

Let’s start with forgiveness. Many people get so caught up in the emotion of anger towards another, they can’t find their way to forgiving the one who harmed them. Your anger is masked pain. Someone you trusted hurt you, or took advantage of you.

When you don’t deal with the emotions that come with sadness, pain, and loss, they turn dark. This is where the anger arises, from the depths of your sorrow. When left untended, it will lead to bitterness, unhappiness, and a sense of emptiness. This is not how anyone desires to live. Sadly, many do.

Sitting with anger towards another is like ignoring a gash that is bleeding. A wound, left to sit and fester, turns into an infection that spreads through the entire body. One can lose limbs, even die from wounds left untended.

Forgiveness is our cleansing. It purges the pain that comes with sorrow, erasing the bitterness and anger that we have let grow. With the forgiving comes healing, and we find peace. When we do not forgive, we are letting the wound fester and take over, damaging our internal spirit, our very soul.

God forgave those who put him on the cross. Think about this for a second. He forgave those who betrayed him, nailed him to the cross, slashed his side, and killed him, setting the greatest example of forgiveness that can be given. Our sin is every nail, every slash and tear of skin. It is the bitterness of vinegar on His tongue. Still, after all we did, and continue to do, He forgives us.

Likewise, confession is another gift. The gift of reconciling our sins. For the truly repentant, God says, “I forgive you, be washed clean and sin no more.”

Even when we intend no harm, we can hurt another. If you have wronged someone, caused them injury, whether emotional or physical, you must reconcile with the person. When we sin, we injure our relationship with God. We must come humbly, and sincerely to Him, and say, “I’m sorry.”

It is never easy baring our sins in front of another, even between walls and closed curtains. The act itself is humbling. Many do not go to confession, but talk directly to God through prayer. I believe he hears both. He knows our hearts and understands.

Confession requires genuine repentance. If we confess something with no intention of stopping, and continue to repeat the same course of action, then we are not repentant. We are paying lip service. You must go into confession willing to bare all, with the intention of doing better.

The only way to heal and find peace in our lives is through the act of forgiving and being forgiven. Forgive those who have harmed you and ask forgiveness for the harms you have placed, on others, on yourself, and towards God. If you want true peace, this is what must be done. Confession and forgiveness are the gateway to that peace.

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