I’m In All The Moments

God, I can’t feel you. Where are you?

I am with you always, my child. I am in all the moments, in the very fibre of your being.

My spirit is woven through you so completely that I am a part of you. No matter where you are, I am there. I give you signs throughout the day and lead your spirit when you let me.

I am in the waking to find a new day. Know that I am with you through the night, ensuring you can begin again when you wake. Each day is a gift, an opportunity to share your talents with the world and to shine so that all see me through you.

When you make a mistake, you rise to try again. If you need more time, you rise to continue your works. Whatever the reason, you have a purpose to fulfill, and as long as it remains unfilled, I will wake you, urging you towards your earthly mission.

I am in the silence, offering peace and rest, providing time for what you need. Whether you need time to heal from hurts, visible or unseen or need time to replenish, I am there.

My hand is on your shoulder. My arms surround you when you need comfort and when you can no longer walk on, I carry you. I help you get through one more day for as long as you need until you can stand again on your own. When you do, I stand at your side with my hand on your shoulder.

I am in the rising of the sun and moon and in the wind. You can find evidence of my works all over the world. I am in the earth and all things that grow and live.

Please, my child, do not shut me out. It is when you become lost that you struggle to find me. Your pain often turning to anger, your sadness overwhelming you so that you cannot feel my presence, but I am there.

In everything you do and everything you feel, I am there. From one minute to the next, one second to another, I am there. Look for me. Search me out, and you will see.

I will never abandon you, nor will I close myself off to you. My light is always shining, providing a beacon, a marker, to guide you n your journey.

To find me, you look inward. Surely, you can see me throughout the works of many, but to feel me, you need to open yourself up and allow me to enter, fully and without pause.

Beware the enemy as he will try to shield me from you. He will try to lure you away and tempt you. Do not give in to him. Turn away and reach for me. Use my light as your shield. Draw strength from it, from me.

Quiet your mind and talk to me, my child. Listen with your soul, and you will hear me. Pray, and I am there. I may not always give what you ask for as there is a larger plan than you know.

Do not give up hope, my child. Know that I am always with you. You never have to look far for me, for I am found in all the moments.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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