Sometimes You Must Let Go

God, why aren’t things working out for me? I try so hard to make it work but keep failing.

Sometimes, child, you must let go. Don’t hang on to what is not meant for you. Some things are in your life for only a short time, others longer, but eventually, you must move forward, which may mean leaving some things behind.

Let go of old ideas that are hurting you. Surrender to living a life where you use your talents to their fullest and in the service of helping others.

When you hold on too tightly to what is not meant for you or try to chase a dream that is not yours, you only end up hurting yourself. A hand that does not let go of a binding rope gets burned, a soul that doesn’t surrender to the light withers.

I want you to be happy and live a life full of joy and love. To do this, you must love as I have loved, give as I have given and shine forth for others. Living a life based on love will only help you flourish.

Light attracts lights and repels darkness. Let go of your worry and your fears and let your light shine. Be a beacon for others who are struggling, a sign of hope in a brutal storm.

If a person harms you, turn and shine forth. Forgive them their injury by showing compassion. In this same way, do not harm yourself.

Do not let your fear of failure become a belief that you can’t succeed. Let go of ideas and thoughts that are negative and replace them with loving, positive ones.

When it comes to others, let go of what you believe they should do or become. Offer guidance and be an example. Help even when helping is hard. Love, even when loving becomes difficult.

Have the courage to change the things you can and accept that you cannot always succeed. There are times when the reward comes from the effort put forth, not from the end result.

Don’t keep knocking on a door whose house is empty. Understand that what you want may not be in alignment with what you need, and that is why the door remains closed.

You must know, child, that you are loved. When things aren’t working, take the time to ask yourself why, and see if you missed a step. Look inward and determine if what you are trying to do, or obtain, is what you truly need.

Remember, not all things are meant for you. People will come, and dreams will change. This is as it should be. Live your life fully with love and hope in your heart always.

Don’t try to hold on so tightly to something that you smother it. Discard things that diminish your light. Always remember that not everything is intended for you and that sometimes, you must let go.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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