The Journey That Is Within

Finding Peace

The greatest joy of your life unfolds as you discover, and answer the call of, your authentic self. The trip that matters the most is the journey that is within.

As we grow older, we evolve. We become wiser with each thing we learn, every lesson completed. We learn first how to walk and talk and then we learn about emotions and how to handle them. For some this is an easy lesson, for others it can take a lifetime.

The most important lesson though is the one that helps us discover who we are and what we are meant to be doing. Some complete their purpose in life without often knowing it. A mother, who raises the son who will one day save the world. A father, who teaches his son how to respect and treat others, regardless of their position in life. His son perhaps may bring peace to the world, his only mission was to teach his son about loving and accepting everyone, as they are without judgement.

Just like planning a cross country trip, we plan out our lives by our thoughts and our actions. We enjoy the planning, and the journey of each trip, in the end having memories of a great adventure. The only difference is at the end of our lifelong journey we will be able to see the impact we had on those we met. Only you and God will know if you left things unfinished, treated others unfairly, or walked away from your calling.

The best part about the journey of life is that we get to know ourselves better as we age. I like to believe we become better human beings because I have faith in people. What I see these days often tests that faith but it forces me to go looking for the good news stories that offset the bad. It also reminds me that it is about my journey and my growth as a person and not other peoples.

As I grow in self there seems to be a parallel growth in faith. Perhaps it is the other way around, As I answer the call of my authentic self and grow in faith, I actually grow in self.

The evolution of self is always a journey within. The more we try to change the outside, the more we are forced to look inside. We don’t always like what we see but that is okay because we can change what we do not like. We can always become better, more loving, kinder, more compassionate, etc.

Our journey will take us deep inside ourselves if we let it. We bare all so we can be washed clean. We listen to, and accept, the call of our authentic selves. This allows us to live in harmony with our Spirit. When we do this our light shines brighter.

As we embrace our purpose, we become calmer, more satisfied and fulfilled. Others opinions, while important, do not matter as much. Everyone is on their own journey, and not everyone understands that the greatest journey is the journey that is within.

Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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