Lean On Me

Lean on me

Lean on me children, I am strong enough to carry you and your burdens.

When things are tough and you need strength, lean on me children. I will help you get through the rough patches. You need to trust me to do it though. You will have the courage and strength that you need. You’ve already endured much and you are still here.

During times of sadness, I am with you. You can look to me and find comfort. I hold your loved ones in my arms, and will hold you when your time comes. My light wraps around you always to comfort you, draw strength from it. When you lean on me, things are not as overwhelming, but you must believe and trust that I am there helping you.

When you are lonely, I am there. Lean on me for companionship and understand that you are never alone. I am by your side, loving you, always. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, you will find me in the silence. Even amongst the busiest of gatherings you can find me. You are never alone.

When you are tired and need rest, lean on me. Rest and be at peace knowing that I am watching over you. I will keep you safe my children. You are my light, and that light is protected by me always. Use it, follow it, and draw from it. It will give you the energy to continue when times are bad, and replenish you when your well runs dry.

I will never abandon you, hurt you or walk away from you. When you need me I am there. You are my children and I love you. If you need help, I am there. Know children, and believe, that you can always lean on me.

Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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