Hold On To Me

God, I’m struggling every day. Where are you?

My child, I am here at your side. Reach out and hold on to me. It is sometimes hard to feel my presence when you are struggling, lost in sadness or weighed down with worry, but I am here with you, always.

Reach for the light when you struggle and turn inward to the spirit within. I am the light within you; I am in all things big and small. Quiet your mind and search me out. Listen, and you will hear me.

I am in the words of a song you need to hear, a response played just at the right time. So too, am I in the people around you. There are those who will help you through your struggles. I put people in your path every day, but you must look for them and accept their help when offered.

Life is hard, and there are many trials my children face. These are the times when you must hold fast to your faith and walk with me. Walking in faith is to shine your light out to the world, no matter what happens. It is to believe even when you cannot see or hear.

You look for me to be there, but I look for you to walk with me. Tell the world who I am by living a faithful life, a life filled with love, honesty and compassion. Be kind and let no harsh words leave your lips. Be my disciple and provide an example to all you meet.

Do not give up on me, for I will never let go of you. You are my child, loved thoroughly and always. I have carved your name and carry it with me. We are interwoven, and I am there for you today, tomorrow, always.

Too often, people don’t feel instant gratification, so they doubt my existence. They walk away because it is easy. The problem is when things go wrong, they jump back and ask why I am not helping. Do not be like them. Stay with me through good and bad times.

Pray and never stop talking to me. I hear you, and I respond. Please don’t doubt that I do not answer. The answer is always that which is in your best interest. Your purpose drives it, and yes, sometimes the answer is no. Trust me to know what you need and act accordingly, and don’t turn a blind eye to the response.

I have given you the strength you need to carry on. You have all you need within you to have a joyful life and complete your mission. All my children have a purpose, and each has their own unique talents to allow them to carry out their tasks.

My child, I am always here, and my legions are working continually against the enemy. Do not make his work easier by walking on the sidelines of faith. Walk with me and help others find their way back to me.

Teach the children of this world about me and help them walk in faith. Show them how to hold to me when times are tough. They look to you to be an example of my love. Not just the easy ones but the difficult ones as well. They need your help more than others.

You are not alone in your struggles. Many of my children have turned away and are struggling as well. Help them, and you will find that in helping them, you will also help yourself.

Never stop believing. Walk with me daily and talk to me always. Give thanks for all you have and live in gratitude rather than denial. Never quit on yourself or me. That is when the enemy wins.

My child, you are precious to me. Hold that in your heart during difficult moments. When you are struggling, hold fast to your faith and trust that I am there with you. Don’t walk away or doubt. Instead, reach out and hold on to me.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

3 thoughts on “Hold On To Me

  1. Well, this excerpt is certainly a God’s gift for the people who are feeling down and are struggling right now.. and I am happy that God has chosen you to help such people through your kind words.. Thanks a lot Leslie…really!
    This article of yours touched my heart.. Ameen! 🙂

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