I Have Saved Them

God, why did you have to take my loved one from me? My heart is breaking.

My child, I do not take. I save. The one you loved has not left you. They are embedded in your heart for eternity so that you will remember their love. They have not gone; they have returned to me.

I do not ask you to understand my plans. I only ask you to take care of my children while they are yours. Teach them, feed them and love them purely. This is what I ask of you. In return, you will know love.

In loving them, you will grow, and in losing them, you will find strength; courage to face another day when you are low. In your loss, you understand how much you truly loved. Love is a gift, patient, kind and pure.

My love is meant for all and to be shared with all. If you are sad, it is because that love was shared with you; bestowed in your hands and on your heart, so that you may know joy. Be thankful in praise for having loved and for being loved.

Know this too, my child, everyone has a purpose. When that purpose has been fulfilled, my children return home to me. This is their true home. They come to your world to live and learn, to experience life.

For some, that experience is short, and for others, it is long. Whatever time you spend with my child, spend it loving them. Accept their love, and when they return, do not remain long in your sadness. Find joy and peace knowing that a child of mine loved you.

You may not know this, but some of my children ask me to bring them home, a prayer in their soul that is fulfilled. Some ask for longer stays, even knowing what they face will be difficult. Others, yet, have been diverted from something worse.

My child, you are not privy to all my plans but know this, there is a plan and a purpose. For all who come to me are saved, and all who are saved will live forever in my arms.

I feel your sadness and experience it with you. Let your tears wash away your pain, revealing only love, a love that you will carry on earth and into eternity when you return home. Share that love with all you meet. In doing so, they will also know love.

You too will return home to me one day, and then you will be reunited again with those you loved. Others will mourn for you as you now mourn. Make sure they know you love them. Tell them often, but more importantly, show them.

In time your loss will become easier to bear. You have a large heart capable of loving all, not just one. There are some you will love deeper than others, and those loves will hurt a little more. The deeper you love, the more you will know sadness to remind you how true and deep that love was.

My son died so that they may be saved. He opened a gateway into heaven so that all can be forgiven and return home. If they have hurt you during their time, even while they loved you, forgive them. You are not perfect, and nor were they, but they still loved you as you loved them.

Please do not be angry because one of my own has returned to me. Remember this, my child; I did not take them. I have saved them.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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